The Seminars

  • Do you want to develop communication skills that work among a diversity of people?
  • Do you want to create strong personal management strategies?
  • Do you want to improve your business environment and work more productively among individuals with different roles?

You want Insync: Custom-designed seminars enhance understanding and group awareness with hands-on, informational profiles that reinforce respect and appreciation.

  • Develop successful sales strategies.
  • Embrace team diversity.
  • Learn the power of active listening.
  • Let leadership lead.
  • Maneuver through transitions.
  • Define your expectations.

Seminars, ranging from two, four and six hour workshops to custom designed three day retreats, include:

Different Perspectives: Understanding Behaviors

With DiSC Classic, explore the four behavioral dimensions, and discover which dimension is your highest. Uncover an appreciation for other behaviors; and develop a better understanding of the way your behaviors can affect and challenge others. Through this, you will enable yourself to effectively communicate and find enjoyment in the process.

Who's Listening Anyway?

Using the Personal Listening Profile, you will learn the five different listening approaches. Understanding your personal listening approach, and the development of useful tools and skills will empower your ability to listen more effectively to different types of communicators.

The Power of Us

Empower your team with the utilization of each members strengths and skills. Discover those strengths with the Team Dimensions Profile, and exercise them with fast paced team building activities.

Powerful Potential for Positive Change

In a world full of challenges and obstacles, find fulfillment . Questioning your beliefs to determine those that are faulty, will help you to create positive results.