Products: Tools Designed for You

  • Do you want to develop an effective and decisive communication style?
  • Do you want to improve personal performance, minimizing conflict and frustration?
  • Do you want a tested tool for developing dynamic teams or group awareness?

Insync presents custom designed seminars using DiSC training tools. Through the understanding of communication styles, DiSC enables individuals and companies to improve relationships, on-the-job performance, and to reach goals.

DiSC Classic

Nearly forty years proven reliability. Over forty million users. This research-based product is being applied world wide. Presented in a non-threatening seminar framework, DiSC Classic is the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. Also available online, results are presented in a detailed 23-page report in bound color copy format.


Personal Listening Profile

Create a positive performance environment. Influence outcomes through communication. Create quality connections between senders and receivers of your message. The strongest determiner of successful interactions is the power in your ability to listen well. Also available online. Please contact Insync for more information


Team Dimensions Profile

Do the right thing at the right time. Team members who work from their strengths understand the importance of each role: Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executor and Flexer. This self-directed instrument identifies natural roles and further appreciation of each team member’s contribution. Also available online. Please contact Insync for more information