About Us

Insync Lifestyles was founded on the belief that self-understanding leads to improved communication skills and better relationships at work and at home.

Through custom-designed seminars using Inscape Publishing’s DiSC assessment tools along with traditional and Insync custom designed communication enhancements, the Insync team delivers powerful presentations. Participants will discover how to:

  • Enrich personal dynamic.
  • Enhance group awareness.
  • Skillfully use active listening.
  • Reduce conflict and increase positive interaction.

Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

Jim Huddart is currently an independent businessman and entrepreneur residing in Salem, Oregon. He is President and CEO of Insync Lifestyles. He has owned the company’s record label arm (Insync Music) since 1995. Jim has had numerous business ventures spanning clear back to 1969. In 1974 he started with and soon became a partner and head of operations for Holiday Management Company which later became Holiday Retirement Corp., an international senior housing provider. He later served as VP, director and shareholder until the company sold in 2007. His business experience spans over 40 years.

"When I began to explore some deeper issues in my life with trusted friends, I realized I was not alone in those issues. We began to see a great need for people to understand what lies behind certain crippling behaviors, and to listen to each other. The greatest results happen when we begin to understand our own behavior and discover how to listen actively." – Jim Huddart

Gary Parks was a full-time pastor of a large church in Salem, Oregon, and has been working with people in business and spiritual environments for more than 20 years.

“Changing the landscape of the mind is a powerful tool in creating positive relationships. The biggest need I see out there is the need to learn what forgiveness is. Resentment and bitterness are like accidents that don’t end, turning healthy hormones into poison. We were created to operate on a level that transcends the ordinary.” – Gary Parks

About Inscape Publishing

Inscape Publishing pioneered the DiSC tools over three decades ago, and continues to create innovative products and services to inspire and empower. Available in 21 languages, these extensively-researched resources have helped more than 40 million people world wide discover their potential.

For more information on Inscape Publishing, Inc. please visit: http://www.inscapepublishing.com